Monday, 16 January 2012

Progress ...

So, again my scheduled blog is a day late but I'm keeping on track with it. There was a couple of times in the week that I thought about posting something and I wish I had done now. I really want my blog to flow naturally and reflect my thinking at the time. By having a scheduled time to do it makes for a rather stilted entry.

I've had a good week writing wise. I've been writing in my notebook every day with at least 600 words at a time. I've been doing this since the last week in December and having just had a quick flick through I can't quite believe how much I've written down. It's not in any workable format at the moment, more a fountain of ideas which I can delve into now and again when I feel less inspirational.
I'm nearly ready to submit the short story I've been working on, although I think it'll be going to a different one than intended. I have found a different competition with less of an entry fee and all entries receive feedback on their submission. I haven't had much feedback at all on my work yet, the main reason for that being that I don't actually show anybody, so I thought it would be a good opportunity.
Incidentally, I have been considering posting stories or extracts of my work on this blog and would certainly welcome any feedback that you lovely readers would care to offer. Once I've settled more into my writing routine I might make it a regular thing. I will keep you posted.

Until next time,

H xxx

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