Friday, 24 January 2014

It's Friday, which means it's time to celebrate the small things with VikLit! This is a great opportunity to celebrate even the smallest of victories you may have achieved in the last week, so head on over to sign up and see what everyone else is celebrating ...


This week I'm celebrating finally getting to the end of my current read. I've been reading 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King since 3rd December, which means it's taken just over 7 weeks to get through it. That's pretty rubbish!

It was a great book to read, and the last few days I've been ploughing through it, it just seems to have taken this long to find the time to sit down and read.

The lesson learnt from this, must make more of an effort with my reading!

What are you celebrating this week?

Have a great weekend!



  1. Ugh. I know how that goes. I started one of those reading challenges in 2012 to read one fiction book in my genre a week. With an ample library near by, I was motivated and went to. It's been two years, and I've come to the point where I burn through a novel in 6 to 8 hours of reading, often crunching 2 and occasionally 3 in a week. (My kindle is mostly to blame for this, as are grocery lines, stop lights, doctor visits and insomnia.) BUT before all that, I was exactly the same way. I was lucky if I read 5 books in a year--for a long time. I think there are stages of life where it's easier to read, but it really comes down to priorities. Way to get through the book and I'm hoping you crunch many more awesome ones in 2014!

  2. Well…at least you finished it lol. I'm having a hard time with finding time for anything. Time management is so not my strength :/

  3. I'm reading a book that's taking me forever to get through right now, and it's not because I don't have time to read it. Glad you finished your book :)

  4. Glad you finished the book! Hope you have a good weekend! :)

  5. YAY to reaching the end of your current read :)