Saturday, 27 April 2013

eXam fever! - An A-Z post

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OK, so I know I'm cheating a little here, but X really can be a hard letter to find a topic for. Plus, my life is revolving around and gearing up for my exam in *gulp* 46 days.

I've sat exams before, the last one was in 2010, but they've always been for more straightforward subjects. With anything mathematical or scientific it was usually a case of learning particular processes and equations and symbols and things.

I'm finding that revising for literature though is a whole different kettle of fish. I don't even know where to begin with revision. Do I just sit and re-read the set texts over and over? Look through the associated course material, learning the background and context for each of them?

One advantage is that we've been given advanced notification of what is being assessed in the actual exam. There are three parts, each consisting of three questions and we have one hour to answer one question from each part.
Having looked through what the questions cover I've narrowed down my choices to five of the eleven set texts.

This in itself goes a long way to improving my prospects, all I need to do now is come up with a suitable strategy for covering as much of the topics as I can in preparation.

I'm hoping that the tutorial today is going to point me in the right direction for some active revision and reassure me that all will go well!

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  1. I'm sure you'll do great! At least you have plenty of advance information. Feels like forever since I sat an exam, but I did enjoy the literature ones!

  2. Wow, best of luck! Revising is freaky enough in the real world, I wouldn't want to take a theory test on it, but if you know what the test is supposed to cover, you can do it!

  3. Good luck! I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm so glad I don't have exams anymore!

  4. Wow! That sounds like loads of work. (Thank goodness my school days are loooong behind me!) It sounds like you're getting yourself very well-prepared, and I'm sure you'll do great! :-)

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  6. Exam needs no introduction. It means means bad news to almost everybody. Read how a sudden urge to study sweeps past our little hostel room during exams...