Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Novel Films II Blogfest - Part III

This 'fest comes from Madeleine Sara at Scribble and Edit to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of her blog and is a three day celebration, 2nd-4th September.

If you want to join in then it's not too late, and you can do one, two or all three days, it's entirely up to you! Just head over to Madeleine's blog to get signed up.

Today's focus is:

Have you read any novels where you are yet to see the film/TV adaptation?


Have you seen any films where you are keen to read the original novel?

I have read all of the Twilight novels and seen the films too, but I have yet to see the film for The Host.
The idea for the story was great but as I read it I kept drawing parallels between it and the vampire novels. There were some common elements, like the two guys one girl scenario. (OK, I know technically they were two girls but the similarities are still there).

I haven't had the opportunity yet to see the film but I'm very keen to see how they portray the conversations she has with 'herself' in her mind.

I enjoyed the second half of the book much more than the first half, and I wonder if the film would be the same.

Have you seen The Host? Did you think it closely followed the book?



  1. I really enjoyed the Host, even though parts of it I just had to disapprove of. I haven't seen the movie either, but look forward to it. I'm not sure it can be as good as the book though.

  2. I haven't read any of Meyer's books. Not that I don't want to, but if you are my "friend", your book is higher on my to-read list and I have a lot of writer friends.

  3. I read the book ages ago (like the Twilight book - very long!) and saw the movie. I think I preferred the movie (and I never say that).

    Shah X