Monday, 19 January 2015

Falling behind, always behind ...

The Open University   

Hi folks! I hope you're all enjoying your January so far.

I'm just dropping in with a little update on how my Open University studies are going.

I'm just over half way through an English Literature degree with some Creative Writing components. I'm in my fourth year out of six, studying a level 3 advanced creative writing course. 

It's been a bit of a rush the last couple of months, and I've been doing the bare minimum to get through my assignments. This is far from ideal I know, but with so many things getting in the way I just seem to fall further and further behind. The last time I checked (and I try not to because it frightens me) I was six weeks behind with my course reading. 

I have managed to get my first two assignments in on time, and I've been amazed at the scores, both only a few marks short of a distinction. I did them both at the very last minute, too, writing right up until the last few hours of deadline day. It does make me wonder just what I could achieve if I actually did the reading properly and gave myself plenty of time for the assignments!

Assignment 3 is due in next Monday and I've made a tentative start. We are critiquing each others work and commenting on the discussions involved. It seems fairly straightforward, so hopefully if I devote this week to it I should come in with another good mark. It's a bit scary critiquing other people's work though, particularly as I will be seeing them next weekend at a tutorial!

My aim over the next couple of weeks is to get caught up properly on the reading and get back on track, rather than continually playing catchup. Oh, and scheduling in proper time for the assignments.

Wish me luck!


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