Thursday, 31 May 2012

Blogger and Blogspot

OK, so I've been looking at plenty of different blogs and getting ideas for how I'd like to change mine.  I use Blogger and am not sure how this is different to Blogspot.  I'm still finding my feet with all this social media stuff.

I would really like to have tabs across the top of my blog for different things instead of having them all over the front page like they are at the moment, and I'm pretty sure that Blogspot may somehow be needed for this.

So I'm asking for some help please.  If anyone knows what I need to do and can help me reformat my blog I would be very grateful.  It's getting frustrating going around in circles!



  1. Blogger is basically blogspot. Have you looked at Wordpress, it has more options. You can play around with moving headings to the top in blogger's design feature. I find it very versatile! Hope you find what you want... have a look around at other people's, find one you like, and ask them how they did it!

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    I have been toying with going to Wordpress but I'm concerned about losing my followers on here. Maybe I could just put a post pointing where I am now ...

  3. Hiya Heather! A bit unsure with regards to what you mean, but is it the way I have mine? with pages at the top? You can change pretty much anything and everything.

    When you sign in, and you know where you go to check statistics, comments, and create new posts? On the panel on the left side there should be one called "pages", click that one. There should be a drop-down menu there, and it'll ask you where you want your pages displayed, whether on top, side, or none at all. There is also another button allowing you to create a new page, just like you'd do a new blog-post.

    If this doesn't work, go here;
    On the left panel there's a tab called; Template, so you click there, and then "edit". This will take you to the starting point of your blog, to when you first created it. On the left you'll have several options where you change the look of your blog. I think it's the forth one down from the top, that'll give you the option to change how its built. When you click it, you'll get several options, and it also shows the "skeleton" of your blog underneath. There should be one pane called "Pages". Click this, and make sure it's working and all the right boxes are ticked. You can mess around there and change the look on your blog, and at the top right corner, i think, it'll be a button called "preview" which allows you to see the changes you've made without changing. If you're happy with it, simply save, and refresh your url.

    Hope this helps, if not, give me a shout and i'll see if i can explain it better! Good luck!

  4. Hi Chessny!

    Thank you very much for the guidance, I found it straight away with your instructions. Now I can work on expanding my blog a bit and keep it ordered as well!

  5. I'm glad I could help, and well done on an awesome blog. You have great taste! Keep up the great work!