Monday, 20 August 2012

Wednesday Blog Hop - Like mother, like daughter

So here I am again, for the Wednesday Blog Hop.  I think that one week I may actually manage to post a story on the Wednesday that it's set, but I'm not doing too badly with it for now.  We do get a week after all.

As we all know now (or not if you're new, hello!) the Wednesday prompt is set with a picture and five random words, all of which need to feature in a story that is no longer than 500 words.  There is a week to write it, and have it posted before the following Wednesday.

Link it up to either of the brilliant blogs at The World of my Imagination or Chasing Revery and wait for the next prompts.

This week the prompts are:

creation, mime, balcony, kidnap, loaf

Like mother, like daughter 

Celeste knew that sooner or later, her daughter would be drawn to the same dark powers that had once seduced her. She had tried to put it off, but Emma was as strong minded as her mother. She'd hoped that by escaping, Emma would never be involved, never be tempted into that other world. But Emma was of her creation, and there was always this risk. It was out of her hands now though, Emma had chosen her path and all Celeste could do was wait and see if she survived.
She sat nervously in the balcony, not wanting to watch any of it but drawn nonetheless. She used all her power to send encouragement and help, but the invisible barrier surrounding them sent it all straight back at her. Emma was on her own. She couldn't even mime any instructions to her, the viewing balconies completely hidden in the arena. The poor souls didn't even know they had an audience.
There were three of them down there, strangers to one another, all competing for the single prize of freedom. Celeste knew the other parents were somewhere near, watching to see if their only daughter was going to make it. It was a rite of passage into the unknown world, and you either made it, or you perished. There was no opting out. Once you walked through the doors, marked either side with the sacred symbol, there was no going back. All who entered did so of their own free will, much to their parents distress, willing participants in their own kidnap.
The three girls headed in different directions, towards doors that only they could see, Emma's directly beneath where her mother sat watching. Celeste crossed to the other side of the balcony to see her daughter enter her own personal challenge. She couldn't see Emma's reaction as she approached a table with two chairs facing each other. She sat down as a dark figure approached and sat opposite. There was bread at the table and they each took a bite of loaf, neither taking their eyes from the other. Celeste could barely contain herself, wanting to dive in and help. She didn't hear the people come from behind to grab her.
Emma stared into the eyes of her father and could sense his fury at her being there. She had managed to deceive her mother, taking her place for this challenge. Emma knew she would never have survived, she didn't have the strength in her anymore. It was her mother that he wanted though. To take his revenge. She couldn't allow it, it was his own fault that she'd left, his own fault he'd never seen his daughter.
A door creaked open in the shadows, she saw two figures carrying a third in against their struggles. She looked into her mothers eyes and then she knew. It was over for both of them.
Word count:  485

Thanks for reading!


  1. I liked it! Kind of an eerie fell, made me feel a tad uncomfortable... Good job!

  2. Thanks very much! When I started I had an idea of what I wanted to do with it, but by the end this had changed a lot. I was a bit concerned the ending may not relate at all to the beginning. It's quite strange knowing the effects my writing can have. Helps a lot to keep me going.

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