Sunday, 26 August 2012

Four Short Stories for September

I had so many blogs to catch up with this morning; it's amazing how they all accumulate over just a couple of days.  When I get so many it occasionally crosses my mind to just 'Mark All as Read', but amongst all those posts if there is only one that inspires me it's worth the trawl.

And that's what I have found today, one post out of many that has spurred me on for the month of September. 
The idea comes from Ana over at The Artistry Collective who, like me (and I suspect many others too), have plenty of ideas jotted down all over the place for stories, both short and otherwise, but have yet to turn even half of them into anything more substantial.  So for September, Ana has set herself the challenge of writing one short story for each week in September, and by the end of the month there will be four shiny new stories just crying out to be edited and submitted.

This seems like a fairly sensible idea to me, but we all know how easily the rest of life gets in the way of the creative process.  I now have a week to prepare myself for this, sort out my calendar and pencil in writing windows.  I'm hoping that it will be something that will stick even after September, but one step at a time.

After all, it can be a lot of trial and error when it comes to writing strategies.

I hope to keep you posted with my progress, so watch this space ...


  1. Like Write1Sub1. Whatever motivates!

  2. I've tried doing Write1Sub1 but so far I haven't managed to submit anything. I need to get myself more organised ...

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  4. Thanks for mentioning this on your blog, Heather! I'm on schedule for writing this week. I'm realizing how badly I need to just practice writing short stories, so this challenge is a step in the right direction. Hope you are doing well. :)