Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A little something on Shortbread

I have been a member of Shortbread Stories for about a year, but have only submitted two stories so far.  It's a wonderful website where you can submit your work and there are plenty of people willing to offer feedback and constructive criticism.  There aren't many writers groups near me, and the few that do exist are full for now.
Shortbread is a lovely online alternative, and I am going to use it as a writers group to give and receive feedback.
Shortbread Short StoriesThey run competitions too, and I actually managed to get my act together and submit something before the deadline this time.  The winner is decided through a voting system and there's plenty of competition.  You can check out all of the entries at Shortbread Stories Competition and if you fancy a little look at the website in full click on the link on my blog at any time.

I'm off to read through the other entries and cast my vote. 


  1. I dropped by (and followed) for the IWSG blog-hop, and I think this is a lovely blog. Good luck on your Shortbread entry.
    Welcome to IWSG, and I hope you post some insecurites. :-)

  2. Thanks for following, I've just posted my first check-in for the group. It's quite nice having people to rant to about worries that would otherwise fester in my head.