Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A definite dip ...

This post was supposed to have been my week 3 check in for the Four Stories in September that I began earlier in the month.

Unfortunately last week I didn't get anywhere near to writing a short story, I think my enthusiasm, confidence, inspiration and energy have all packed their bags and gone on holiday together.

I know that these things come in peaks and troughs and it's all cyclical, but I am most definitely in a trough at the moment.  It gets to that point where you begin to wonder why you even bother to do any writing at all, will anyone even like it?

I apologise to you all for such a depressing post, but I needed to do this to vent some of the ill-feeling out of my system.  Then I'll be better able to move on and get back to that lovely positive place.

Any positive feeling that you want to send this way will be greatly received!

Until next time x


  1. We all have dips! When I'm stuck in one, I ask myself if I would be happier not writing at all. The answer is always no, so I keep at it. Best of luck to you. I hope you find inspiration in an unexpected place!

  2. Everyone gets these dips, they are awful! But they always end... I edit while I'm in one, doing work that is let creative, more objective. But it helps to be doing something with words.

  3. This is normal! I guess I'd advise you not to try so hard now. You need to go through this phase to get out of it and when you do you will write greater than before!

  4. Venting is healthy and will help you through the rough patches. I'm finding that one story a week is too fast for me, so I can feel your pain. Maybe adjust to writing one or two stories a month. I'm so glad you made the effort so far! Two new stories is still really good! :)