Monday, 1 October 2012

Week 40 - To Do List

I've noticed that a fair few people that I follow give themselves to do lists each week of the tasks they want to accomplish.
In light of my recent dip, I think my organisation may be a small part of that, so I'm going to take a leaf out of a few of your books and start my own to do list.

I've had a little think about the things I'm trying to juggle in the creative side of my life and have a little list for each aspect.

So here goes with my to do list for this week (oh, and you've probably noticed the title of this post is 'week 40', that is what week of the year we are in now and not me cheating that I've done more than none!)

  • Read Othello, Act I
  • Read Chapter 1 of module book
Blog Posts:
  • Post update for IWSG (I will have plenty of material for this one I think!)
  • Wednesday Blog Hop
  • 15 minutes of free writing each day
  • First draft of a 1500 word short story


  1. Hi Heather! Seeing as you are juggling studies, writing, being a wife, and a mom; writing a to-do list would be very handy. It’s kind of like mind-mapping, which can help you make better decisions and finish different tasks more strategically. A simpler way to put it is: you can prioritize better.

    Alexandra Gale