Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Week 41 - To Do List

So, it's (past) that time again for the weekly to-do list.  First, here's a quick update of last weeks list and how I got on with it:

  • Read Othello, Act I  Check!
  • Read Chapter 1 of module book  I have made a good start with this, but it's not quite finished.
Blog Posts:
  • Post update for IWSG (I will have plenty of material for this one I think!) Check!
  • Wednesday Blog Hop  Fail - I had every intention but must do better.
  • 15 minutes of free writing each day  I managed three days of free writing, with 600+ words each.
  • First draft of a 1500 word short story  Fail - didn't even get past the planning stage.
I think that's round about a 50% success rate for my first to do list.  Not bad I suppose but I could definitely do better.

So, here's for next week:

  • Finish Chapter 1 of module book
Blog Posts:
  • Wednesday Blog Hop
  • Review latest book read
  • Weekly to do list
  • First draft of competition entry
  • 15 minutes of free writing each day
 Here's to achieving more than 50%!

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