Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Coping with permanent fatigue

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Right now my insecurities lie in my ability to cope with the levels of tiredness I am constantly dealing with.
My little girl started at school in September, and as a result my whole working schedule has shifted to accommodate this.  At the moment I am getting myself up around 5.30-6am to get myself ready and into work for a 7am start.  I am doing a full days work in the lab, which I am enjoying, but I'm usually fairly busy running about doing plenty.
I then pick my daughter up at 3.15pm, get home to do dinner etc. and get her to bed by 7pm so I can have a sit down.
At first the idea of this schedule seemed a good one.  I'd be home in the afternoon so there should be plenty of time to get some kind of writing done, be it planning, writing or editing.  However, I am finding myself getting more and more tired as the weeks go on and the thing that is suffering is my writing.  I'm concerned that something may have to give at some point so that I'm not so busy, and logically writing would be the thing to go.  This is a painful thing to have to consider as I've just started to get back into enjoying writing just for the sake of doing it.  I find it a kind of therapy for focusing my mind away from the everyday but it's hard sometimes to fit it all in.
Even as I write this I feel it may be coming out a little bit confused, I can feel sleep digging its heels in now, beckoning me.
It's a hard task trying to get a balance that works, so that I can do all the things I'd like to and still have quality time for my family.

How do you cope with the pressures of everyday life and fitting writing in around it?  Any tips gratefully received!

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