Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Writer Wednesday Blog Hop - 26th March Edition

This week, the WWBH is being hosted by the lovely Tena Carr at Jottings and Writings

Tena, it's over to you ...

The WWBH continues.... (For those that don't know, WWBH stands for Writer Wednesday Blog Hop).


There are 2 ways this can be played, depending on what the week's host decides to do (This week that's me ;-) ):
1) 1 picture/5 words
2) 2 pictures
Before I go any further, I want to Welcome newcomer Heather (Reading, Writing, and Everything In Between) into the host circle. Heather will have the reigns next week.  

Stories From Last Week
A Table For 1, A Flight For 3 by LeAnne Sype
Not So Bad After All by Scott Taylor
Wine and Cheese by Sally
Big News by Tena Carr
Heaven on Earth by Debb Stanton
A Welcome Revenge by H J Musk
Those Blasted Rules But don't stress too much - they're really not all that bad
1) Try to keep your word count down to around 500 - no worries, we're not counting. Just try to keep from getting to lengthy.
2) You must use the 2 pictures OR the 1 picture/5 words in your story (depending on what the host decides to use - I'll be revealing mine in just a bit, I promise).
3) Link your story up using linky tool below. Stories submited will be announced in next week's blog hop kick-off
4) This is most important... Have fun with this and let those creativejuices flow
This week I thought I'd continue with the "retro" idea that LeAnne did last week (a little blast from the past so to speak)

This picture comes from the "Back The Blue" Bash, put on by Arlington Police Foundation to support Arlington Police Officers and I want to thank Arlington PD for permission to use.

And Your 5 Words

Again, have fun with this... Can't wait to read those wonderful creative stories!!;

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