Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A prompt a day, or at least every week ...

Hello to all on this fine Wednesday, I hope the past week has been kind.

As I sit and write this it's 6 o'clock in the morning and all is peaceful. The babies and my husband are still fast asleep, it's dark outside and I have the side lamps on. It's this time of day that I enjoy, that I get to collect my thoughts before the bustle of the day begins. It doesn't always last long so I have to make the most of it, once the littlies are up that peace is shattered.

Still, I wouldn't be without them ;-)

And, seeing as it's Wednesday, how about a fresh prompt to keep you going through the week?

Here are the stories from last week, spawned from one picture and five words. I hope they give you inspiration to have a go yourself:

The Will to Serve by Debb Stanton

The Service by Sally 

So, if you're new to the blog hop, why not be encouraged by these wonderful stories, and try your own hand at it. We'd all love to read and share whatever you have to offer.

As a little reminder, here are the rules:

1) Use the photo(s) and prompt to write a 500-word story; all elements of the prompt must be a feature in the brief story you create. We aren't counting, but for the fairness of the readers please, no 1000+ word entries.
2) The Photo(s) must be visible in your blog post and where 1 photo/5 words is the theme, the 5 words MUST be clearly referenced in your story. Variations on a word are allowed within reason (for example: adding s, ed, ing to the word to be grammatically correct); but creating a new, unrelated, word is not. (To see an example of a "1 photo/5 word" story see Faith, Hope, Love, and Pink by one of our hosts, Debb Stanton.)
3) Photos are the property of the hostess for the week, unless otherwise mentioned. Please Do Not share photos and/or prompt words as your own.
4) In order to honor the community-purpose of the blog hop, we ask that you please reference the blog hop in your post so your blog audience and the blog hop community may all be connected.
5) Link your story through the blue froggy at bottom by the following Tuesday (direct link to story, not your whole blog, please).

And now to the good stuff, the prompts for this week:
salt, galaxy, denim, trap, magician
Have fun, and don't forget to sign up your story once you're finished!

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