Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Get in on the Blitz!!!

Hi folks!

I'm here today to tell you about a little thing called the Blog Blitz blog hop. Never heard of it? Really? Well, then you're missing out!

The Blog Blitz was founded in March 2013 by DL Hammons, with the main aim of offering support and encouragement in concentrated bursts to one lucky member signed up on the list.

We all have dips now and then, believe me I seem to be in a long one, and the Blog Blitz is wonderful at swooping in at the right time to give that extra boost to help us get back on the right track.

All you need to do to get involved and become a part of this valuable support network is head on over and sign up on the linky list. DL will get in touch whenever he has a new victim in mind, and then we can all descend with our love and best wishes. 

And who knows, one day it could be you! What have you got to lose?