Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Only 2 more WWBH hops 'til Christmas!!!

Ready for another installment of our December WWBH-with-a-twist? Here's Debb with all the details ...

Prompt for December 10, 2014

Hello there! I hope you had fun with last week's blog hop. Here are the responses we received:

Ready for another writing adventure? Get your writing cap or hat on (if you're that type of writer), flex those fingers to get them warmed up, and away we go!

NEW PROMPT: Choose a prompt that you have not written on yet. Tena's list of past prompts can be found here.

Then, either a) turn it into a science fiction story or b) write a story with a very unexpected ending.
Keep it to 500 words or less, as usual, and please refer to the date of the prompt you've chosen (and include the photo(s) in your story plus 5 word prompts if applicable).




December 17th - send the names of your favorite stories from the Blog Hop to Tena for the December 24 and December 31 editions.

January 7th - the regular Writer Wednesday Blog Hop returns with gusto. :)

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