Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Something different for the WWBH!

It is the first Wednesday of December already (what!), and you can find my IWSG post for this month here.

The festive season is rapidly approaching, and although I'm far more organised than in previous years I still feel like I'm lagging behind with my plans.

For December, we are doing something slightly different with the WWBH. We know that this time of year is very busy, so we want to make this as simple and as fun as we can. I'll hand you over to our wonderful Debb who has all the details ...

our hops for the month of December

Hello all - Happy December! This new month brings us the holidays and also a different way to do our blog hop. Hang onto your hat -- and I'll tell you all about it!

All of December at the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop will feature past stories from our hops throughout 2014. You can find the stories by going to a blog hop hostess blog (click links at the bottom of this post) and search for "Writer Wednesday Blog Hop". Or, Tena has a neat page on her blog that chronicles the hops for this year: see it here:  

How you can participate:

For the blog hops for December 24 and 31, we are looking to publish a list of your favorites (and ours) from the year. We encourage all our readers (whether with us a long time or brand new to our hop) to read through the stories and pick not one, but THREE of your favorite stories from the hop. :) (If time does not permit, because after all, it IS December, one favorite will do. It's just that we want a lot of choices in the hopper. :)) Send your favorites to:  

Deadline for December 24 and 31: December 17.

WEEKS OF DECEMBER 3, 10, AND 17: Each week, Debb will not give a prompt(s), but rather a suggestion on what prompt to write about. Stay tuned for a fun challenge!


The prompt for this week is.....{drum roll} Read all the blog hop prompts for 2014. Write for a prompt that you always meant to but somehow just ran out of time. If you don't have one of those stories in the back of your mind, we ask you to pick one - any one - and stretch those muscles. :) Please don't forget to click on the blue froggy below so we can all be connected. 

If you need some inspiration, or a bit of a nudge in the 'write' direction, here are the awesome stories that used last week's prompts: 

 As usual, the same blog hop rules apply as for any other week. 

Link up here -


NEW FEATURE FOR DECEMBER: If you feel inspired to write more than one story per week, we will not turn the extra stories away! For example, there are a number of prompts already on my mind that I wanted to write for but couldn't at the time. Now will be my chance to rectify that (hopefully).

Warmly, Debb Stanton


and my co-hostesses (to whom I owe everything!):  



and last but not least,  

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