Monday, 3 December 2012

'And you are ..?' Blog Hop

This is a fun little blog hop that I came across today, several of the blogs I follow are participating so I thought I'd put in my tuppence's worth.

The hop is hosted by Emily King and Tammy Theriault and if you fancy it you can have a go at answering the questions too.  Don't forget to head on over to these guys and link up, you can have a look at what other people have done and get some new viewers too.

So, here goes:

1. How many speeding tickets have you got?
Surprisingly, none. If you ask any of my friends they'll probably all describe me as some kind of speed demon behind the wheel, a reputation which I think is wholly undeserved. I'm really a bit of an old granny with my driving nowadays.

2. Can you pitch a tent?
Of course! My Duke of Edinburgh instructor would be most dismayed if I couldn't manage a tent after four years of practicing. Although now I think about it that was over ten years ago, tent technology can't have changed that much. Can it?

3. What was your worst vacation ever?
It would have to be when my parents took my brother and me for a weekend to a Pontins holiday camp.  It was really cold, the room was damp and the entertainment was dire. The only real memory I have is all of us in sleeping bags watching Robocop on a tiny television.

4. What was the last thing you bought over $100?
Our new tumble dryer. I get very depressed in the winter because I cannot get any washing done, we have piles of clothes all over the place. When I came home one afternoon it was all set up ready to go, I had much fun doing the washing that weekend! 

5. We're handing you the keys to what?
Hmm, this is a tricky one. There are so many things I'd like the keys to. At this moment in time I'd have to say a Toyota GT86. The guy across the road has been bringing one home lately and it just sounds soooooo nice. 

6. What was the last meal you cooked that made even you sick?
I can't remember the meal in detail, all I remember was that it had butter beans in it. It was while I was pregnant and I had funny aversions to tastes and textures. My daughter is now four years old and the thought of butter beans still makes me sick.

7. Fill in the blank: Oh my gosh! Becky, look at her butt! It is so big, it looks like ...
Two badly parked Volkswagens. (One of my favourite quotes from Red Dwarf, I'm laughing a lot as I type this)


8. What was your first car?
A 1983 Ford Fiesta. This was the transition year between the MkI and MkII models. I was so proud to have one of the first MkII's!

9. Your best friend falls and gets hurt. Do you ask if they're ok or laugh first?
I would try my best to help them up while we both tried to stop ourselves laughing in hysterics.

10. What's the worst song ever?
Definitely the Mr Blobby song!



  1. Oh dear, that vacation does sound awful. What is with parents dragging their poor children to these wretched family camps?

  2. Badly parked Volkswagons - hilarious!

  3. Life isn't much fun without a working washer. Mine ate my baby's sock and stopped working last month. Luckily we only had to replace one small part where the sock got stuck. So the next time you can't find a matching sock, it's true: the washer ate it! :D

    Thanks for participating.

  4. I love my washer and dryer. I was so excited when I finally got them!

  5. Oh man, I remember food aversions while pregnant. I love barbecue sauce and anything cooked in it, but while I was pregnant with my daughter I couldn't stomach the smell at all. I had to skip events that had any kind of bbq stand because the smell would make me instantly sick. I got canned sloppy joe mix one night and accidentally got it in bbq (which I didn't even know existed - I thought sloppy joes were sloppy joes), and I opened the can and sobbed the whole time I was cooking it, because I hate wasting food. I kept having to run and be sick in the bathroom. My hubby finally came in and discovered me gagging and sobbing (I'm not much of a cryer) and steered me out of the kitchen. He was nice enough to eat the sloppy joes after he went and got me food elsewhere. LOL!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  6. Oh no! I haven't heard the mister blobby song, but the title alone says it. Happy Hopping!