Monday, 31 December 2012

Wednesday Blog Hop catchup 1 - Unknown World

This is the first catchup for the December Blog Hops that I missed. I hope you all enjoyed yesterdays, and that this one lives up to the same standard.

Here is the picture for this one:

Ajar by Gavin Turk

and the five words:

parking meter, stomach, magazine, chart, olive

Unknown World

Stumbling in the darkness, I had no idea where I'd come out. I sat on the floor in the wet grass while I tried to recover my senses, as well as my stomach. Walking through the door in the park had been more of a rush than I'd anticipated. I hadn't expected it, all the times people had tried it during the day and they'd just walked through an empty door.
I tried to get a sense of my surroundings but it was dark here too. The feel of the place was different though. Colder. My eyes adjusted and I scouted around for some cover. Keeping low I scurried behind a bush with a good view of the door. It took longer than I expected but I watched as the door opened slowly, a uniformed officer peering in. He glanced around, trying to get a good look but decided his courage wasn't up to much and retreated. I'd got away with it this time.
I didn't want to take any chances though so I decided to stay here until morning, I didn't want to go back through to an ambush.
I woke stiffly with the morning sun blazing down, warming my skin. A stark contrast to the weather yesterday, but then I had to remember where I was. Suddenly frightened, I looked to see if the door was still there, and sighed with relief as it's frame glinted in the sunlight. I stood up slowly, glad for my olive green jacket, helping me blend into the background for a while. I stepped out of my hiding place and surveyed the area. In so many ways it was like being at home, but there were subtle differences. The street wasn't paved here, just a dirt track, and there wern't any parking meters cluttering up the view. On the corner where Ray ran his magazine stand there was nothing. In fact, there were no people to be seen at all.
It was still early so I walked a little way up the road to see what else might be different. It felt at once familiar, but at the same time I had the sense of walking into unchartered territory. The place seemed completely alien to me.
Suddenly, the silence was broken by an almighty roar coming from behind the buildings. I stopped in my tracks, glancing back to see how far I'd wandered from the door. As I contemplated the distance a huge scaly creature lumbered into view, sniffing the air. I was already running as it swung it's head around to face me.
I reached the door with distance to spare but my heart sank as I opened it. Home was not on the other side as I'd hoped. There was nothing but a brick wall now …

Word count: 473


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