Saturday, 1 December 2012

Blogging on the go

I've finally discovered how to blog using my mobile, after having it for a couple of months now.
I was very excited to get my new phone, I knew it had a lot of features that I wanted to keep up with blogging and various social networking stuff.
It's been great for keeping up with the blogs I'm following, but now I can finally blog on the go.

I was glancing through my box sets the other day and there's a few things that I haven't watched for so long. I've almost finished the first series of Friends, which I can't quite believe is now 18 years old; I can still remember when it first started on Channel 4.
Even though I pretty much know every episode line for line, it still makes me laugh out loud.
I'm looking forward to rewatching the rest of them.

Enjoy your Saturday night everybodies!

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