Thursday, 20 December 2012

Missing in action ...


My oh my, the last couple of weeks have been so busy I've completely fallen off all of my radars.

My four year old is just finishing her first term at school and her social calendar has been at least twice as full as my own. What with school trips, nativities, Christmas lunches, walks to the post office to post  letters to Santa, Books at Bedtime back at the school, Christmas shopping, baking, planning ... Phew! There's just not enough time to do everything!

On top of all that I've been trying to finish off my next assignment for my Open University course which is almost a week overdue now. I'll get that pesky blighter finished tonight I hope.

Everything seems to be coming in a huge mad rush now, and it's all careering towards the one day next week. I just have to get through today and tomorrow at work then that'll be one less obstacle to deal with. The plan is to have all of my to do's checked off by the end of Sunday then I can chill out on Christmas Eve and properly enjoy the holidays.

Then life can get back to normal again I hope!

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  1. :0 totally understand that the little one's schedules are busier than ours!
    Here is hoping life is back to normal sooner than later.. and a Liebster award for you from me: