Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Lesson learnt from the A-Z - An IWSG post

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I missed last month's IWSG post because of the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Although I had planned in advance what my topics were going to be for each letter, I was still writing the posts themselves on the day they were due. I often do this with my IWSG post (as with this one) so I decided to forego it for one month rather than try and rush something that wouldn't be quite as good.

The challenge this year has made me think a bit more about how I've been dong my blogging and how I'd like to improve it. 
The better posts that I had were always the ones that I took more time over and put more thought into, rather than the ones done at the end of the day or night in a mad rush to get it in. It was certainly evident to me, and I'm sure it must have been evident to you lovely readers. From this I've learnt to give each post a little more time, and enjoy what I'm writing about rather than have it feel like a chore.

I've been thinking about whether I need to get more organised but I realise now that I'm not doing too badly in this department. I'm already managing my studies around my job and family life, and I've managed to complete the A-Z so my organisation must be working. 
I want to get more involved in my blog but at the moment my focus is almost completely on my studies. Once the exam is out of the way I can divert my efforts to here and my writing more fully.

Finally, having been whizzing around the blogosphere throughout the challenge, I've thought a bit more about what I want to get out of my blog. As the title suggests, it was intended to be primarily about reading and writing, with some of the extra joys of life thrown in, but the last few months feel as thought I've lost sight of this a little.
I have spent a lot of time second-guessing myself, and worrying about whether my content is interesting or worth reading at all, which means I've been struggling with my confidence. This is something that I've been dealing with in many aspects of my life, not just writing.

The main thing I've learnt though from the challenge, is to go with what my interests are, and enjoy what I'm writing. If people enjoy what I'm doing then great, but if not I'll try not to lose to much sleep over it. I can't please everyone after all!

Don't forget to check out more IWSG posts over at Alex's blog. Until next month ...




  1. Congrats on getting through A-Z! It sounds like you're very organised. And I think it's most important to blog about the things you like to blog about. Trying to please others usually never works out quite right.

  2. Yes, blog about what interests you and stuff you know. If you try to please everyone else, you are going to dislike blogging and may end up giving it up. Your blog has to represent you, and no one else. Hold your head up high and blog what YOU love and what YOU want! Keep at it girl... you are doing great!

  3. Excellent point, write and blog about what you care about. Trying to please everyone is exhausting and I've yet to accomplish it, so I've given up. I set my standards and decide what/who matters. Congratulations on completing A to Z! I skipped IWSG last month because of the challenge as well.

  4. Congrats on getting through the challenge. I had all my posts written in advance so I'd have more time to visit. I've found my posts do better when they get written in advance. Like writing my stories, it gets the post time to sit for a little bit and the day I hit publish, I can read it over once more and find those pesky typos that try to slip in.

  5. Going with your interests is the right way to go about it. Your passion will shine through and you'll enjoy writing for your blog.

    Lynda R Young
    IWSG co-host

  6. Congrats on finishing! I agree with the other commenters--blog about whatever interests you! :)