Thursday, 9 May 2013

Reflections from a 2013 A-Z Blogging Challenge survivor


This will be a brief reflection post on my experience of this years A-Z Blogging Challenge, I used my IWSG post last week to offer my first thoughts on how it went.

The main points that I have taken away from doing it this year are:

  • Plan my posts - most of the time I write my posts on the fly, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but looking back I can tell which ones I took more time over. For whatever topic I choose to blog on, a simple list of notes is enough to make sure they are coherent and make sense. I don't want to repeat myself or miss anything out.
  • I need to take more time over my posts - I've always been a very impatient person, but I'm gradually making progress on taking my time over things. I'm slowing down a little and enjoying what I'm putting together. I hope this will be reflected in my future posts.
  • Enjoy what I'm doing and post about what I'm interested in - perhaps the most important point to bear in mind. It's too tiring and time consuming trying to figure out exactly what other people want. In this great sphere there's bound to be at least one other person that shares my interests.
To share in other reflections on this years A-Z challenge head on over to the sign up list, but hurry! It's only open for submissions until tomorrow!


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