Monday, 12 August 2013

Express Yourself - Living as an X-man


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This weeks topic of conversation: Which book/movie do you wish you lived in?
I think if I had to live in a book it'd be something like Pride and Prejudice. Spending all my time getting dolled up in fancy dresses and going to balls all the time? Sounds like fun. Plus I could put my efforts into trying to be wooed by an eligible bachelor and if none were forthcoming, then my books and the outdoors would be just fine.

I always love the Red Dwarf episode when they all go to Pride and Prejudice World. Especially when Kryten invades with a tank!

As far as movies go, I always wanted to be an X-man, so I'd definitely want to live in that universe.  I quite fancy having invisibility as my power, and of course I'd be best friends with Wolverine ;-)
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By the way, the hardest part of doing this post was choosing a picture of Hugh Jackman. There are a lot to choose from! 
Research is tough ...



  1. Totally agree...being an X-Man would rock. Especially if you had a cool power...and -didn't- look like Nightcrawler :)

    1. I definitely wouldn't want scales or anything, he he, but if I could make myself slimmer that would be great :-)