Monday, 2 February 2015

Almost caught up!

The Open University

OK, so we're one week past deadline day for my third assignment, and I carried on true to form and submitted about two hours before the final hour passed. All my good intentions of spending the whole week on it went out the window, but I did a reasonable job on it I think. I'll have to wait until next week for the result, and I think this one will determine if it's still possible to get the Distinction I've been aiming for. Fingers crossed then!

In the last two weeks I've managed to do a lot of catching up, and I'm now only one week behind. Yippee! Admittedly, I did skim read a lot of it, and was pretty selective about which activities I did, but I can always go back over it if I need to. I enjoy doing the activities, I've been producing lots of material that can be put to good use in the future, but sometimes time just doesn't give me the luxury. They're my course books now though, so I can go back to them whenever I want :-)

I'm excited about the next assignment, we're putting together our proposal for the 4000 word short story that is due for the End of Module Assessment. I've never written anything as long as this before, so I'm looking forward to stretching myself a bit. I've got an idea in mind for it, I just need to work out the details and see if it fits the length requirements.

Right then, time to hit the books I guess. I better make a cup of tea first though ...


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