Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Happy WWBH Day everyone!

Hello to all! It's Wednesday again, can you believe it! I'm sure we're skipping some days you know, the week just rolls around to quickly for my liking :-)

Are you on the hop?

In this weeks edition of the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop it is my great pleasure to introduce the newest member of our co-hosting team, Debb Stanton, who is blogging over at Stanton Sunshine. Welcome Debb!!!!!
As a relative newcomer myself I know how nervous she must be feeling, but I also know the excitement is enough to break through all that. 

Please join me in welcoming her to the fold, and make sure you check out the rest of her blog too.

So Debb, it's over to you ...


Guess what? I have very recently been honored with an invitation to be a co-hostess for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop. I join my writing heroes Heather, Leanne and Tena with thanks and high-voltage anticipation. I make my debut in this post and hope there won't be a lot of egg or tomato throwing. :)

For those of you who are new to the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop, and for my readers (those who have a blog, AND those who do not) who are looking to have some fun and get out of writer's block at the same time, here is a very good vehicle!
Join us as we conjure up stories that match the prompts given. The more participants, the merrier! We are a small community that builds each other up and supports one another in our artistic endeavors.
You can join us whenever you want and do not have to commit to writing every week (although yes, we hope your stories show up often).

Here are the stories from last week's prompt:

Timmy's Adventure by Scott Taylor 
One Small Leap For Mark by Tony Roberts  
Silence by Leanne Sype 
Surviving The Night by Heather Musk  
Hard Work by Debb Stanton   

Oh yes; there are, of course, a few little rules. The rules are as follows:

1) Try to keep your word count down to around 500 – no worries, we’re not counting. Just try to keep from getting too lengthy.
2) You must use the two pictures OR the one picture and five words in your story (depending on what the host decides to use)
3) Link your story up using linky tool below. Stories submitted will be announced in next week’s blog hop kick-off
4) This is most important… Have fun with this and let those creative juices flow.'s my very first prompts that I give to my writing family:  


Here are your five words:     river, circus, ravioli, hazard, weather 


  1. This sounds good! Can't participate this week, but I may well come back. I like a good prompt. :) So, do we post at any time in the week following the bloghop?

    Nice to meet Debb, too!

    1. Hi Nick! Yes, you can post at any time from the Wednesday reveal through to the following Tuesday. Just link up your post at any point and we'll list all the stories submitted that week in the new Wednesday post.
      I look forward to reading your stories!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm booked this week, but I may have to check back for the next one.