Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Back on the hop, the WWBH hop!

Hi folks! It's been a little while I know, but I'm still knocking around the blogosphere in a somewhat limited capacity.

Thank you to the comments of encouragement on my Having my doubts ... post. I'm still in a kind of limbo with the whole blogging thing but the good news is that I'm not worrying myself too much about it. Life's too short for all of that, right?

So, we're still rocking over here at the WWBH and Tena has the prompts for us this week. I haven't contributed myself for a little while, but maybe I just will for this one ...



Wishing everyone a Wonderful Wednesday. I hope your week so far has been a great one.

Let's take a look at the two stories from last week's prompt:

Now then on to this week's prompt. I've decided to go with two photos, meaning that your story must include and be related to the two pictures that I will provide below.....

But first, here is a quick run-through of the rules (for a more in-depth look head over to my main WWBH Page
  • Write a 500 word (give or take) story related to the prompt (either two photos or one photo/five words)
  • In the case of five words, your words must be clearly indicated in the story
  • Please remember the photos used are the property of the WWBH Host in question (unless otherwise stated). While you are welcome to use the photo in your blogpost, please do not share as your own works (credit is very much appreciated).
  • Please make mention that your story is for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop (WWBH). While not required, a link to the hop is appreciated. Also appreciated is if you tag your story WWBH (and don't forget to link up to the blue froggy below)
  • Any questions contact one of the WWBH blog hop hosts: Leanne, Heather, or myself

OK then.... The two photos to inspire your story


{So you know, my son helped me in choosing the two photos}
And lastly.... Make sure you link to the froggy below so we may include your story in next week's hop kick-off.

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  1. This week has been dragging so far. Can you do something to speed it up? :)