Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Welcome to Wednesday and the WWBH!

Welcome to Wednesday everyone, and the latest edition of the Writer Wednesday blog hop.

Are you on the hop?

I'm glad to give you this offering of the WWBH this month, I will be a bit busy over the next couple of weeks (moving house, giving birth, nothing major he he) so it may be a while until I'm here again. Don't worry though, you'll be in perfectly good hands with my co-hosts Leanne Sype, Tena Carr and Debb Stanton. They'll take good care of you while I'm away!

We had a bumper amount of submissions for last weeks prompts, the most we've had for a while I think so thank you very much to you guys for taking part. Here are the stories for your enjoyment:

Hallucination by Sally Scribbles

Predicament by Tena Carr

Millie and Tillie and Tom by Debb Stanton

Tastes Like Chicken by Tony Roberts

Unknown Cargo by Heather Musk

Thanks you guys for making this week so successful! Make sure you head on over and leave some commenting love for their efforts, as you know we all like encouragement ;-)

Before revelaing the new prompt for this week, here's a quick reminder of the rules for any new folks out there:

  • There is either one picture and five random words or two pictures given out, which are to be used in the story.
  • The word count must be 500 words or less.
  • The deadline to link up is Tuesday of the following week.
  • Link up at the bottom of this post with your entry for the week. 
  • Most importantly, have fun!

The prompt for this week is one picture and five random words:

Vegetable, ladder, value, varnish, laugh

I look forward to reading all the stories to emerge for next week, here is the linkup to get your stories included:

Good luck everyone!!!


  1. Good luck with the move and the birth!

    1. Thanks Sally, I just hope they come in that order!

  2. Just stopping by to see if there are baby pics yet. I miss mine being babies, so I live vicariously when I can :)

    1. None yet, still a week to go, but don't worry I'll let you know when I can!

  3. Moving AND giving birth? That sounds like a lot of change at once!

    1. I know, we must be mad! Ah well, I like a challenge in life ...