Monday, 12 May 2014

Who reflects you the most? - Express Yourself

 Express Yourself! 
Welcome to another topic from the Express Yourself girls. This weekly meme is hosted by Jacqui at Bouquet of Books and her partner in crime Dani at Entertaining Interests.

Each week there is a new topic to discuss and share, all in the name of getting to know your fellow bloggers a bit more. We don't all have to be strangers do we? 

To find out more, head over to either of their blogs where there is a full list of this months topics.

As for today, we are discussing:

Which fictional character do you think reflects your personality?

Questions like this usually take me a little while to answer. Although I love reading and watch plenty of films and TV, not everything stays in my head for a great length of time. I have to wrack my brain a little to sift through all the possibilities.

For this one though, the character I think is like my own personality is Monica Geller.

Apart from her OCD tendencies, which I've been told I also have, like her I don't always have time for people that faff. Just get on with whatever you're supposed to be doing instead of dancing around it man! 
(I've just realised how ironic this is coming from someone who can take an age to sit down and get to writing something!)

I also like to be in control of things, although perhaps not quite to the same extent as she does. I do have to know what's happening, when and where though, and have plans and itineraries for everything. I can't just wing it through anything, no matter how much I'd like to.

I do have a tiny obsession with food, too, but we won't go into that ...

How about you? Which fictional character do you think reflects your own personality? Answers on a postcard!


Oh, and just so you know ...

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I know they're annoying but please don't let it put you off commenting. Thanks!!!


  1. Monica from "Friends"!! I adored that show and really miss everyone on it. (I really miss "Frasier" too.) I think I'm like the Sandra Oh character in Grey's Anatomy. (My hubby hates that character!) Luckily, I have a little more sense of humor than she does.

    1. He he, that's good to hear. I've been watching Friends from the beginning all over again and it still makes me laugh so much!

  2. Sorry you're getting spam comments. I don't allow anonymous comments and that usually does the trick.
    No idea what fictional character describes me...

    1. Thanks for the tip about the anonymous comments, I think I've set it right this time. I seem to get so many at the moment on posts that are over a year old. So annoying!

  3. Lame spammers. I'm with Alex on Anonymous Commenters. I haven't had any problems since disabling that feature.

    Fictional character... Yeah, I haven't met me in any kind of fiction. Not even close, but a friend told me I remind her of Belle from Beauty and the Beast when I perform (singing/acting), and I'm a total bookworm, so maybe Disney has got me pegged?

    1. Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favourites, there are worse characters you could be.

      I had no idea about disabling the anonymous, so I'm grateful for that advice. Hopefully it'll sort that one out.

  4. "Which fictional character do you think reflects your own personality?" It is a difficult question to answer as who we think we are compared to how people perceive us can be completely different. I did a quiz at a short while ago and got Sherlock Holmes as my character. Read into that what you will.

    1. Very true Christopher about our own perceptions of ourselves. I took the quiz and came out as Hermione from Harry Potter. I'd never even considered that one!