Friday, 4 January 2013

ebook or pbook? A 21st Century dilemma ...

I've had my Kindle for over a year now and I do love it. I've got nearly a hundred books on there and it's so handy to fit in my bag when I go anywhere.

But I still love books. Real paper to feel and smell, turning each page and savoring the sensations. My little bookmark poking out the top so I can see and be satisfied with the progress made in one sitting.

My brother gave me some book vouchers for Christmas and I've been debating for a week about what to spend them on. There are sooooo many books I'd like to have and read, the sheer number of which would fill every wall space we have in the living room. And this is the reason that I got my Kindle in the first place. I could have all the books I want and they're all stored in a handy sized vessel. No more bursting bookshelves.

But as I say, you can't beat the smell and feel of a new book. I have the first Game of Thrones book both as a book and on my Kindle, and I've wanted to get the next ones but I just couldn't decide on the format. Kindle for space saving or book for more enjoyment.

It was a hard fought decision but eventually I caved in and have ordered the next ones as paperback. And now I'm filled with the anticipation and excitement of their imminent arrival. I can't wait to get the box open so I can smell the newness, feel the smoothness. I know that sounds weird but I'm pretty confident that I'm not the only one who does this. Right?

I still like my Kindle but you just can't enjoy an epic if you can't hold it in your (both) hands.

How about you? e or p?



  1. I have to admit since buying my first iPad, I've become a total eBook convert. In the past almost three years, I've only purchased three print books.

  2. I'm a traditionalist in almost every sense of the word hehe. ^^ I love print books and being able to put them on a shelf and enjoy seeing them all there. I have a nook and I still like it, but you just can't beat that tangible beauty a good ol hardcover or paperback possesses. ^^ :D

  3. I prefer treebooks, but I do like having my ebooks with me on the go (I have an iphone and all the book apps). So I have tons of both.

  4. I won my kindle 2 years ago and ever since getting it - I've downlowded quite a lot of books (for me, since most of the books I read before that were from the library or given to me as a gift, since I can't afford to really buy books, being a poor author myself - lol). I thought I would miss holding a print book to read but the kindle has proven its worth to me. I read when I go to bed, I'm usually on my side reading, no headboard to prop up on and no wall behind the head of my bed (weird house and my sleeping area isn't really a bedroom per se). I've subscribed to the EReader News Today newsletter and since receiving my kindle in March of 2011, I have downloaded almost 450 books, most of them freebies, with only a handful (less than 20) that I've actually paid for out of those. I have read, completely over 150 of those and have started but not finished another 40 or so. I've also been able to put the books in different folders (my books, mysteries, thrillers, childrens and young adults, general fiction, paranormal and ghost stories, nonfiction (books on writing and publishing in the e-age and cookbooks) and a few other. I love this feature, since I rarely know what I'm in the mood for when I start a new book and I get to decide if I want to pick up a new mystery or a YA/children's book or a ghost story. I'm not one of these people who can start reading several books at a time and read them concurrently. I have to start one book and finish it before I start another. Since having my kindle I've been able to read many of the downloaded/completed books at the pace of 2-4 a week whereas with print books I was only reading 1 book a week and sometimes not even that. There are many times when I just don't even pick up the kindle to read anything and some days that can be several days in a row. This holiday season, I've managed to read about 6 books in about a 2-week period of time.

    The kindle or ereaders really are great for traveling and sitting and waiting in various places. I also have an Acer tablet with a kindle app on it and therefore can read while I'm visiting the 6th grade class while they are working on a silent write time (this is a virtual classroom visit).

    I think since I've had my kindle I've purchased/borrowed/read maybe 5 print books, so for someone who said they would never enjoy the ereader as much as the print books, I'm totally convinced and have switched - give me an ereader most any day of the week, now. E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of Finally Home, a middle grade/Ya mystery