Sunday, 2 June 2013

Encounters - a WWBH post


This story is part of the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop,
a wonderful weekly hop created by Nicole and Carrie to
stretch those creative muscles. Along with their co-hosts Tena and Leanne each week they provide the writing prompts for you to create what you can.

The rules are simple:
  • there is one photo and five words, all of which must be incorporated
  • there is a maximum limit of 500 words
  • you have until the following Tuesday to write your post and link up to one of the hosts
  • have fun!


It's been a couple of weeks but I'm back (hopefully) in the Writing Blog Hop saddle. I hope you enjoy this weeks contribution.

The picture:
 Eerie Night 

The words:                                  carriage, gym, poster, north, bar

The story:

'What are we watching this place for?' groaned Stuart. 'Nobody's been here for decades.'
'All posts need to be covered,' replied his partner. 'They could be running to any one of their hideouts. This was on the list.'
'We get the best jobs.' Resuming his position at the window, Stuart tried to keep alert as he stared at the building.
'Keep watch,' he heard his partner say, 'I'm going to the little boys room'.
Staring across at the boarded up windows, he became mesmerised by the single lamp and his mind began to wander. He was thinking about the girl he'd met last night in his local.
She'd been standing at the bar, all alone and somehow they'd got to chatting. Stuart didn't know what had come over him, he didn't usually go straight up to a strange and beautiful woman, but they'd spent most of the evening in conversation. She had a slight accent, he wasn't sure where but somewhere north he guessed. She'd only been in town a couple of weeks and was still getting a feel for the place, so he'd offered to show her around if she fancied it. He almost fell off his chair when she said yes. He just had to get through tonight and then he'd be free for the weekend.
He could have done without this though. He wanted to get down the gym for a workout before he saw her again, give himself a boost.
He drew his gaze from the street light and stared around the room, giving his eyes a rest from the glare. He hadn't taken much notice when they'd set up, the sparse furniture dotted about and the posters covering the walls.
Turning back to the window he suddenly sat bolt upright. The front door of the building was wide open, with a car parked on the road. He hadn't heard a single thing, but it was there nonetheless. The car was a rusting hulk, most of it's paintwork had peeled away and the exhaust hung down from the undercarriage. Stuart was baffled by it's silent arrival.
As he stared, waiting for the next movement, he realised his partner had been gone a long time. He was torn now, wanting to go and check on him but not daring to leave his post in case he missed something else.
'Dan?' he called, as loudly as he dared. 'You alright, mate?' With his eyes still on the car he heard movement through the door, coming to stand beside him.
'You've got to see this, Dan. I don't know where it came from.'
An ice cold hand laid across his neck, chilling him within as well as without. 'Dan's a little indisposed at the moment. What have you found?' He knew the female voice well now. He'd spent long enough talking to her last night. He looked out the window and saw three burly figures surrounding the car, staring right at him.

Word count: 493


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  1. OOh, chilling and thrilling at the same time.

    1. Thanks Sally. This one was a bit rushed so I wasn't sure about it. The end came together quite nicely but the beginning was a bit wooly.

  2. I love unexpected endings and this was a good one. Nice job!

    1. Thanks Vicki. I was unsure to begin with but I'm pleased you like it.

  3. Very had me going; I didn't see that coming! :)

    1. Do you know what, neither did I! That's the cool thing about writing, when even you don't know what's going to happen.

  4. How exciting!!! I love how you turned this into something so cryptic!!

    1. Thanks Nicole. To be honest, I didn't know where it was going until near the end. It took more control of me than I had of it.