Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday Celebrations!


This post is part of the 'Celebrate the Small Things' blog hop hosted by VikLit, and is for celebrating even the smallest of victories during the week. Head on over to her blog to check out more people taking part in this hop, and to sign up yourself too.


 This week I'm celebrating:

  • The sun has been shining all week! Wonderful!
  • I've managed to keep on top of all my bloggy tasks this week. I especially enjoyed the Heroes and Villains blogfest yesterday, thanks to Dani and Jackie for being such great hosts.
  • I managed to make a full tank of petrol last for two weeks and two days! With the prices always going up I was pretty pleased with this. Plus, it means stopping to refill less often, which I find a necessary but arduous task.

What are you celebrating this week?

Have a great weekend whatever you're up to!



  1. Yay for sun! And that's impressive with the petrol. I was just smiling that I made it through the whole week on 1/2 a tank this morning too. We don't talk about petrol prices, though ;)

    1. he he, it's terrible that weeks have to be measured by how much fuel we have. Trying to eek it out as much as I can has become one of life's little challenges.

  2. Sunshine! Yes! About blimmin' time. And I'm with you about the petrol. I end up sitting in queues, waiting and waiting before I can actually get to a pump, and then the smell makes me feel *bleurgh*, so I'm a happy bunny when I don't have to fill up too often!

  3. Impressive on the gas front. Keeping up with blog tasks always makes you feel good, doesn't it? Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm always a big fan of increased gas mileage! :)

  5. I so happy to sun has been shining all week for you. Now that's a celebration, and maybe you could send some of that shine to New York.

  6. Yay for shining sun! It's been raining over here, so I'll celebrate your weather lol

    Good for you for keeping up with the bloggy tasks and for making that petrol last, woot!!!!!

  7. The sun makes such a difference ;)

    Making the petrol last - WOO!

  8. I managed to make my last lot of petrol last for about a month, it was awesome! I don't think I'll be quite so lucky with this one!