Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Flexibility #AtoZChallenge

This post is part of the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2015. If this is something new to you, check out the website here to find out all you need to know.

My topics this year are covering studying and/or writing advice and guidance, to maybe help you as you cope with everything else in life.



Flexibility is perhaps one of the most important skills we need as writers living with a plethora of other responsibilities. 

I love to sit down and plan out everything I need to do, assigning due dates and to do lists for the week. But most weeks I only get half way through that list, and quite often the same tasks roll over from week to week.

I'm getting much better at dealing with it though, knowing that with two small children I have to have a high level of flexibility, putting them first and knowing that there will be time to get done what I want to and need to.

It's not just the children either that make sudden demands on my time, and I'm finding it's better just to go with whatever happens to keep us from our writing, rather than feeling any negativity about it. It's just a little detour, turning us from our path, but there's always a way back to it if we really want it.

And I know that most of us have a strong need, driving us back to that path, and with that knowledge in hand I can deal with the distractions.




  1. I was such a creature of habit before I began this journey. Now I am much more flexible in all things. I think in order to succeed, that has to happen.

    1. This is the idea that's slowly settling into my brain now. I'm feeling much more comfortable with situations and can deal better with whatever's on my plate.

  2. I totally agree, as writer's we definitely need to have flexibility. I plan what I want to get done and when, but it hardly ever goes how I want it to; often, I have to push things back because something else has come up.

    1. That's the story of my week, after week, after week ... If I actually manage to do something on the day I originally planned it, my inner-self has a massive party all to itself!