Sunday, 3 February 2013

It's A-Z Challenge Sign-up time!

It's finally here, sign-up for this years A-Z blogging challenge! It officially opened last Wednesday and there are already over 500 participants.

For those out there who may still be unfamiliar with this challenge, where have you been?!? I'm only kidding, but seriously?

The idea is to blog something on almost every day in April, using the alphabet as the starter for each post. So, on 1st Apr post something begging with A, on 2nd April use B, 3rd April use C ... and so on.
We get Sundays off for good behaviour, well except for the first one which falls on the 1st, and this equates to 26 days and 26 letters. Nifty, huh?

You can have a theme for your posts or just do it on the fly. Last year my posts were all writing-related, I kept it pretty simple as it was my first year taking part. I loved it so much though I'm back for more!
I have a theme for my posts this year but I'm not telling what just yet. You'll have to wait and see!

This year there is a slight addition to proceedings in the form of Blog Categories. This is completely optional, but if you want to follow blogs on a similar theme to your own then this is a good sign-post for you to find them. Please note though that once you have committed yourself to a group in your sign-up you won't be able to change it.

The categories are:

1. Writing  (WR)

2. Books  (BO)

3. Film  (FM)

4. Photography  (PH)

5. Gardening  (GR)

6. Craft  (CR)

7. Art  (AR)

8. Music  (MU)

9. Culinary  (CU)

10. Lifestyle  (LI )  

11. Fashion  (FA)

12. Personal  (PR)

13. Social Media  (SO)

14. Gaming  (GA)

15. Education  (ED)

16. Politics  (PO)

17. History  (HI)

18. Science  (SC)

19. Humor  (HU)

20. Travel  (TR)

21. Miscellaneous  (MI)

22. Adult Content  (AC)

Just pick the category you want to use and add the code at the end of your name/blog name on the linky list.

Once you've done your post for each day, remember to head back to the linky list and try to visit at least 5 other blogs. It's a great place to meet knew people as well as getting your own blog out there.

Right, I'm heading off to sign up, why don't you join us? Just click on the link in my sidebar. There's plenty of time to get started. I'll see you there!



  1. Signed up last week and already checking out as many of the other blogs as I can. A-Z is a lot of fun, see you around.

  2. Yeah! I signed up, too! Not sure what my theme will be, but I am excited! This is my third year joining the challenge. :)