Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Wednesday Blog Hop - Abandoned


This post is part of the Wednesday Blog Hop, a weekly hop aimed at creating flash fiction inspired by a photo and five words selected by one of the lovely hosts.

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This weeks photo:

This weeks words:  carpet, definition, sponge, wardrobe, pudding


As the sky cleared and the sun broke through, Wendy began to wake. She stirred and her shirt clung to her where it had soaked up the moisture from the grass. Her back protested as she rolled over, refusing to let her sit up without letting her know its discomfort. The smell of the fresh grass carpet beneath her body filled her senses as she struggled to orientate herself.
Looking around she didn't recognise any of her surroundings; the line of irregular trees running around the fields edge, the run down barn tucked away in the corner. She was alone in the field, neither man nor beast was anywhere to be seen. There wasn't even a bird in the sky; it was the definition of eerie. Stumbling to her feet, she started to make her way towards the barn, hopeful that it would offer some answers, or at least some way out of this field. She didn't think she could face clambering over the surrounding hedgerow.
Her legs loosened up as she walked and as she reached the barn she felt a bit more comfortable in her body again. She needed to get home and find some food though, her stomach was rumbling in protest and her mouth felt like a dry sponge.
The door of the barn fell off in her hands as she opened it, a clear sign the place was abandoned. It was filled with a musty, damp smell and old bits of farm machinery lay next to the walls in varying states of decay. As she entered the scurry of rats could be heard as they vacated their home in fear.
On the other side were larger doors to allow vehicles to enter, but they were very much out of place here. The wood was in much better condition with strong hinges holding them to the panels. Giving them a shake Wendy could hear the rattle of a padlock on the other side.
Retreating back into the middle of the barn she heard a sound that had gradually been getting louder. She hadn't noticed it before but it was definitely getting closer. Bright lights filtered in around the edges of the door as the sound stopped outside. She whirled looking for somewhere to hide, and noticed a battered old wardrobe in the corner behind a stack of tractor tyres. Shutting herself in, the smell of it reminded her of her mothers burnt yorkshire puddings.
She stayed as still as she could as the padlock was released and the doors swung open. Two men walked in dressed in black suits, ear pieces visible through the crack of the door.
'Miss Swanson?' said one. 'We know you're in here. Please, we just want to talk.'
Wendy was close to panic. How did they know her name and what had they to do with her being in this field?

Word count: 485



  1. Oh what a captivating story!!! Now I really want to know what happens! You really drew me into the scene, by the way. Good job!

    1. Thanks Nicole, I quite enjoyed this one. Sometimes it takes a while for the story to develop but this one came and found me.

  2. Heather,
    I want more!
    Nicole said it perfectly; captivating indeed! A great way to start. I caught myself shift in my seat and take a more erect posture. I was instantly intrigued and wanted to know more. Your use of the prompt words was seamless. I was impressed, but thinking, "Okay Miss 'You're Totally Intimidating Me Now' what are you going to do with 'pudding?'" Nailed it! Brilliant! Burnt Yorkshire pudding! Awesome!
    I would love for you to continue the story on the next prompt flash fiction (only because I'm selfish and I want to know what happens with Miss Swanson!).
    Great work all around, Heather. Bravo!


    1. Wow, thanks Chris. After a pretty rubbish week your comments have really lifted me up again. I'd not thought about having a continuing story across the prompts but I'm intrigued with it now.

      Watch this space!