Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Believing in the story - An IWSG post

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I began writing a short, 1500 word story last week which I am planning on submitting to a competition. When I started out with the story I was quite keen on what I'd planned, and the first half of the story flowed quite easily. 
I had a break before writing the second part though, and since picking it up again doubts have tried to creep into my mind about whether it's actually any good.

I have had this before in the past, and it's largely responsible for my long list of unfinished stories. The idea seems great when I get started but after a while I begin to doubt it's suitability or quality.

I'm pushing on through with this story, and I plan to submit it just to see what happens. If it's interesting enough for the competition judges then that's great, and if not I'll leave it for a while and then go back to it to see where improvements are needed. It's a good feeling to know that I'm breaking down another one of those barriers that have been holding me back in my writing.

Does this ever happen to you? How do you get over it?



  1. All the time. The trick is to ignore it and keep going. Go get them!

  2. This happens to me quite a lot. I usually finish writing it, then leave it for a while and see if I like it any more when I go back to it.

  3. I have so many half finished projects. The excitement of starting fades and I get stuck. I've even tried to plot out the entire story but still get burnt out. With that said, I've come back to some and almost completed them :) It's tough, especially if you run in to trouble finding time to write (my life right now). So then, when the creativity buzz hits, you can't even put words to paper. Just remember to always keep everything. You never know when inspiration will finally hit you :)

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  4. I don't write shorts, but rather novels, so it's always a problem to stick it out. But just keep on pushing through. You'll get there!

    I'm one of Alex's minions for this months IWSG. Nice to see you!

  5. Doubt drives me crazy, but it doesn't leave me... I have to push myself or I never finish anything o_0

  6. I've had this happen before, but I just force myself to keep going. It's generally a sign that what I'm doing isn't working on some level, so I take a closer look and come up with another avenue to explore, which brings the enthusiasm back.

  7. There you go - finish and submit! What's the worst that can happen?