Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What's Up Wednesday - 24th July


What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Erin L Funk and Jaime Morrow . It's a brilliant way to tell the bloggy world what you're up to, in both reading and writing and anything else that's going on for you.

It's broken down into four headings:

                    1. What I'm reading
                    2. What I'm writing
                    3. What else I've been up to
                    4. What inspires me right now

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What I'm reading:
Still on A Game of Thrones ...  

What I'm writing:

Ready, Set, Write! goals, week 5:
  1. Plan a 1500 word short story for another competition. 
So, I've achieved this goal, but I've cheated a little bit. I've been going through my Dropbox folders of story ideas and first drafts that are half done, and I realise that there are a lot. I've found one that I like and that will fit in with the criteria set for the competition, all I have to tweak are a couple of details but nothing too drastic.

      2.  Keep going with Camp NaNo.
I'm steadily approaching the 10,000 word mark. I haven't been able to write every single day, but when I get a chance I'm churning out 1500 words at a go. Overall I'm chuffed with this progress, even if I am only half way to where I should be.
     3.  Write and post something for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.
I was a couple of days late with my Wednesday Blog Hop this week, and I almost forgot to finish it and get it up on my blog. I managed it though and it is here if you fancy a peek.
      4.  Try and achieve 30mins free writing every day.
I know it really shouldn't be difficult to find 30 minutes each day to do some free writing, but they way I've been trying to do it is. I've been trying to find 30 minutes of peaceful, quiet time to write something, but we all know how unlikely that is to find every single day. I've managed 4/7 days this week like that. I'm changing tactics next week, and removing the time limit. If I grab a few minutes to write in my notebook then I'll be happy.


Goals for week 6:
  1. Do first draft of short story for August competition.
  2. Keep going with Camp NaNo.
  3. Write and post something for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.
  4. Try and write one page of free writing in my notebook every day.

What else I've been up to:

I've discovered Netflix this week, which I can also have on my phone. It does mean I'll probably become more unsociable at lunchtimes while I watch some comedy or other for half an hour, but I think I can cope with that :-)

What inspires me right now:

It might sound odd, but I inspire myself right now. I'm pleased with my efforts in getting my NaNo count up to the 10,000 mark and now I know I can do it I just want to keep going. My story is growing and taking shape as I write, going in directions I'd never expected, and it's brilliant. I just want to write more to see what else is going to happen.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Great work with your goals this week, and even better that you're inspiring yourself. :) Good luck with your short story!

    1. Thanks Christine, I hope my self-inspiration can last.

  2. I think it's great that you inspire yourself right now! Congratulations on getting to the 10k mark. It's awesome that your story is taking shape and I hope things continue to progress well for you!

    1. Thanks Erin, I'm hoping to finally have a finished story that I can do something with :-)

  3. 10,000 words is good. It's motivating you to write.
    And welcome to the world of NetFlix junkies.

    1. Thanks Alex, Netflix is a great way of getting me out of speaking to my work colleagues :-) I'm hoping to add to my 10,000 words too and keep the momentum going.

  4. I always go back over my early drafts in search of inspiration, or indeed a story that just needs shaking back to life - competitions are a great reason to do that!

    1. They certainly are, and I've got plenty to go over. They can't sit there festering away forever.