Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What's Up Wednesday - 17th July


What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Erin L Funk and Jaime Morrow . It's a brilliant way to tell the bloggy world what you're up to, in both reading and writing and anything else that's going on for you.

It's broken down into four headings:

                    1. What I'm reading
                    2. What I'm writing
                    3. What else I've been up to
                    4. What inspires me right now

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What I'm reading:
Still on A Game of Thrones ...  
I am reading this as a part of the 'A Song of Ice and Fire Book Club', fronted by Click here to check out the schedule for the first four books. 

What I'm writing:

Ready, Set, Write! goals, week 4:

  1. Submit story for short story competition in July.
So, I didn't submit my story for the particular competition it was intended because I was reluctant to rush it just to get it sent out. I had a very long debate with myself about whether to just get it sent as good practice for submitting, but decided to let the finished draft sit for a little while before editing.
I have another place that I'm thinking of sending it so all is not completely lost. I finished the story so I'm pleased with that effort at least.  

     2. Get caught up with my Camp NaNo word count.
I have made good progress this weekend, my word count is now a little over 6500. Technically I'm still behind but this is the most words I've written on one project in a long time so I'm dwelling on that aspect. I don't expect to complete my 25,000 by the end of the month but if I get halfway there I'll be happy.
     3.  Write and post something again for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.
Yep, done! So far this is the only goal I'm managing to achieve every week. My latest offering is here.

     4.  Continue with 30mins free writing every day.
I've managed four out of seven days, so I'm up on last week. Progress again!

Goals for week 5:
  1. Plan a 1500 word short story for another competition.
  2. Keep going with Camp NaNo.
  3. Write and post something for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.
  4. Try and achieve 30mins free writing every day.

What else I've been up to:

I discovered a new website this week called Scribophile. I've been reading a lot about the value of critique partners (CPs), and how giving critique can help with your own writing.
This site allows you to critique the work of others, and you earn points as you do so which you then use to put your own work up for critique too.
I don't have a CP at the moment, and would like to build some experience in offering advice on the work of others. I'm giving the site a go to see if it helps at all with my writing and critiquing.
There are so many sites out there to help writers with so many aspects of their craft, I think I'll give some of them a go until I find what works for me.

What inspires me right now:

As so many of you out there, the sunshine is keeping me inspired at the moment. It's wonderful how it gives you so much positive energy, you feel like you can do just about anything with a smile on your face. It's helping me to feel very positive about my writing life at the moment.

How about the rest of you? How goes your Wednesday?




  1. Ooh that looks like a great website, I've been wanting to do the same thing lately so I think I'll take a look. Good luck with your goals! :)

  2. 6500 is still a fantastic word count.

    Hope you're enjoying Game of Thrones!

    1. I'm very pleased with my word count, and Game of Thrones is a great alternative when I'm all writing-ed out.