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A Song of Ice and Fire Book Club - Chapters 15-28: Brothers, sisters and spiders

House Musk 

It's time for the second round up of A Song of Ice and Fire in our A Game of Thrones Book Club. Joining me is our excellent host,, Allison at Geek Banter and Ria at Bibliotropic.

Make sure you head on over to see their thoughts on the book so far and answers to this weeks questions.

This week we are discussing spiders, brothers and sisters ...


From Jamie:

Littlefinger and Varys banter really well with one another; I love their back and forth as they try to outdo one another. Who do you prefer and why?

My preference is for Littlefinger, at least at this stage of the 'game'. We've seen more of his back story, and know of his history with House Stark and his particular fondness for Catelyn. To all involved he appears to be on their side, and I'm rather fond of the Starks myself so anyone who is helping them in any way is alright by me.
I do enjoy that we know so little of Varys right now, and I look forward to learning much more about him in the future. I dare say my opinion will change back and forth a few times as we make our way through the series.

From Allison:

What I'm reading:
Ned Stark seems to be a pretty honourable guy so far--he obviously cares about his family and duty is important to him. I liked the part where he gives Arya back Needle and arranges for her to have lessons. However, I can't bring myself to like him, because I have this foreboding feeling that he is going to do something terrible and make me hate him. What do you think of Ned so far?

I think Ned has a tough job to do. He's been separated from half of his family and the ones he has with him are squabbling between them. He's been asked to leave his home, and against his own wishes has to follow his king. 
On top of that he has is dealing with the small council, particularly Varys and Baelish, and it is not always clear who is to be trusted. He has walked into a kingdom that has been driven to debt by the king and his extravagances, and is expected to just bear with it and do his duty. All in all I don't think he's been dealt the best of 'hands' (he he), and is doing the best he can in a dire situation. I like him as a character, as I do the other Starks. Well, apart from Sansa that is.

From Ria:

What do you think of the situation involving how Jon turned enemies into allies on the Wall? Effective strategy, or overused Saturday-morning-cartoon plot device?

It probably is a storyline that has been used many times, and will be used again in the future, but it's one that I like. Overcoming personal conflict to come together for a greater good, what can be better than that? I particularly like this one as I think Ser Alliser Thorne is one pretty mean character. Anything the boys can do to show him up is definitely a good thing, although I'm sure he won't take it lying down.
Jon is helping himself and the others to be better men, to improve themselves and be more than what is thought of them when they arrive. I hope they all go on to do great things or the Wall.

From me:

Arya and Sansa are clearly very different personalities with very different views on the world, despite coming from the same origins.
Which do you identify with the most? Do you think the chasm building between them is becoming too great to be bridged, despite their father's efforts to keep them closer?

I identify more with Arya's character. To me, Sansa seems very fickle and weak, embracing a very girly notion of falling in love with the Prince and living happily ever after. She doesn't know anything about him, or what kind of a person he is, and even after some of his character is revealed in the incident by the river with Nymeria she still sticks by this horrid boy she wants to marry.
Arya couldn't be more different, seeing through the pointless activities that entail being a lady. She is not content with such a mundane life of what is expected of her, and wants to be more than just a girl. Arya is a much stronger character, not happy to sit and live the life that is expected of her. She knows what she wants to do, and will fight to be given more freedom.
I think it is Sansa that is drifting away from her sister, by pursuing her interest in the Prince, little realising what kind of family he comes from. The more she wants the dream of potentially being Queen, the more she will alienate Arya and the others.

Have you been reading A Game of Thrones along with us? What are your thoughts on this weeks questions?



  1. I seem to have some opposite opinions to you in this week's round-up of questions. :) It was excellent to read what you thought of some of the issues raised!

    1. It's definitely going to be interesting to see everyone's different take on the themes and characters. I'm looking forward to it!

  2. I love Arya!! I think she would be open to a reunion with Sansa, and it is up to Sansa to put away her princess-y notions and make an effort to love her sister.

    Allison (Geek Banter)

    1. I agree, I think Sansa has more of an effort to make in order to become closer to her sister. I hope she doesn't forget her real family.

  3. Good point with Sansa driving her sister away. The more the fawns over Joffrey, the bigger the divide gets, especially since she can't see how cruel he is. Arya better be careful where she swings Needle :)

    1. I hope she points it at Joffery and saves Sansa from herself. He would definitely deserve it!