Friday, 6 April 2012

Finding the time, and Fitting everything in

The world we live in is a hectic place, everyone seems to be in a constant rush to get everywhere and do everything. I too am guilty of this, but just recently I've been trying to slow my pace down a little bit and attempt to stay much more relaxed for a lot more of the time.

It's because of this hectic lifestyle that I would find it very difficult to find the time to fit writing in alongside all the rest that I felt I had to be doing. I work for 30hrs a week at the moment, and each morning I have to organise my three year old (no easy task!), get her to nursery and then get to work. I can't remember the last time I actually made it in for 9am.
Then it's a full days work before pick-ups, getting home, sorting dinner, cleaning up, bathing little one, coaxing her to bed and finally getting her off to sleep. By the time I'm done it's getting on for nearly 9pm. After all this I just want to sit with a cup of tea and rest, but more often than not I'm falling asleep in front of the television or with book in hand.

I really found it hard to find some point in the day to do anything creative. I mentioned this dilemma to a writer friend of mine who has much the same problem, only he's got two little ones under four. He said they have a rule in their house, to only do household chores until 8pm, after that whatever is left to do can be left and they can chill out and do something relaxing.

I'm now trying to adopt a similar philosophy in my house, no easy task really as I sometimes find it hard to concentrate when I know there's mess lurking.

I have also been thinking about a comment left on my blog yesterday by Reb Alexander at, about establishing a time slot each day to commit to writing. Doing this challenge has certainly set me on the right path to this aim and I'm slowly getting into a routine that hopefully I can maintain.


  1. I struggle to find the time, too. It's tough to fit in all of life's different priorities, but I've gotta believe that as long as we keep trying and keep the'll all come together someday. :)

  2. That's great advice from Reb. I did something like that but I had to start small with scheduling time once a week - getting out of the house, going to a favorite coffee shop and spending 2-3 hours at a time writing. That's what I did to start my blog. It's easier now (though I can't imagine how you do it with a child AND a job!)