Sunday, 29 April 2012

Yet another late post ...

So, this is the penultimate post then of the A-Z Challenge 2012. The month just seems to have flown by. I have definitely taken much more from this event than just the satisfaction of completing it.
I have discovered some wonderful blogs out there, so many different voices with a huge variety of topics. I've acquired some new followers, who I really want to thank for dropping by and liking my ramblings enough to stay for more.
I've looked at enough blogs now to know how I want to improve my own, with features and new tools for networking. Special thanks to The Masquerade Crew for pointing me in that direction.
I've also gained a lot more confidence with my blogging. It's a bit nervy when you first start, worrying if anyone is actually interested or whether you're just sending messages to empty space. Either way I'm happy, it's just somewhere for me to get my worries and wonderings out of my system so I can progress with my writing.
I really think this will be a boost to my writing confidence too. In fact, watch this space as I will be putting up one of my stories for you this time next week. Eek!

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  1. Sounds good, looking forward to reading your story! :)