Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Not enough time ...

Oh my, so another late post. Yesterday just seemed to be a much shorter day than usual, and the list of things I had to do kept growing and growing.

It's my own fault I suppose, I went away from an afternoon, evening and morning and when I got home the house was a complete tip. Not a small mess, but a huge mess in each room. I didn't know my daughter had so many toys!
Couple this with a hangover on Sunday, which meant I was really in no mood at all for any cleaning or tidying. So yesterday, with daughter in tow, I attempted to rectify the mess but to no avail. She was like a mini whirlwind behind me, spoiling all of my good work.

All of this activity means that I had no chance at all to do any writing of any kind. I'm very disappointed in this, not only because I didn't manage to produce anything, no matter how small, I also missed the satisfying and warm, cuddly feeling I get from knowing I've done something.
Coupled with the fact that I missed a deadline for a competition, with the story just about ready to go, all in all it was a very unproductive day.

The upside to this though is that I can now put the story that I was going to send up on my blog for you lovelies to read.

You have to look for the positives in everything!

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