Saturday, 14 April 2012

Late post! Oh no ...

Well, I'm very annoyed with myself for not posting my L post on the proper day.  The last two days I've been so tired though, I must have just crashed out before I got round to it.

The post was going to be entitled 'Looking forward to next week'.  I'm off work now until the 24th April and I'm really pleased for a rest.  I get to spend the whole week as a full-time writer.
I've got a rough plan of what I want to get done but I'm not going to be too specific about things (see earlier post!)  It will just be nice to send the little one off to nursery and have peace and quiet to concentrate on work properly.

Of course having these plans is one thing, getting them done is another.  It is also highly likely that I'll spend much of my time either tidying and cleaning or watching dvds and drinking tea.  Hmmm.

My main goal will be to get some work done on my novel.  I've had the idea bubbling away for about two years now and I have the basic outline jotted down.  What I want to do now is work out my characters and then start on a full synopsis of events.  If I get nothing else done but that (and my A-Z of course!) I'll be happy.

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