Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Unable to concentrate

I am now back at work after having a week off, and I am finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing.
I work in a science lab but I have RSI at the moment so I’ve been relegated to the office writing all day.  This may sound alright but it really isn’t the kind of writing I’d rather be doing.  I’m supposed to be doing proper work right now but I just cannot get focused enough to get on.
My mind keeps wondering to all kinds of story ideas, ideas for my blog, wondering whether I should try article writing, online freelance writing, anything really that’s writing of some sort.
Unfortunately I have access to the internet on my work computer which means I have a lot of distractions that I can access.  I’m just not strong enough to resist the temptation either.
Oh well, maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to make a better job of actual work so I can go home and do some real work, he he.

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  1. I think writing has to be done for the love of it, so one needs to go for what is the most fun for the individual to do. In my case it is fantasy with a sort of Pratchett, Tolkien and Piers Anthony slant (if you can imagine such a mix!).
    As with my Challenge posts, I don't plan ahead. I start writing (based on the letter and the format I have set myself, in the case of the challenge) and see where it takes me. In novels, my characters are constantly surprising me with what they get up to.
    I would suggest you decide on what you most enjoyed doing of what you have written to date, and carry on in that vein.