Sunday, 22 April 2012


Relief is my R word for Friday (I'm very aware that I'm now doing a lot of this challenge retrospectively – another R word, ha!).
I spent all of Friday constantly checking my phone and computer, awaiting the all important email that would decide where my daughter will start school in September.

I'd filled out the first and second choices but I was really hoping to get our first choice. For months I've tried to get used to the idea of her going to the other school, kind of a worst case scenario type of thing but until I was so close to getting the result I didn't realise just how much I wanted our first choice. It was as much about getting the first choice school as it was about not getting the second choice school.
So the email didn't come which meant I had a very fitfull sleep, worrying about what was going to happen.

The letter finally came in the post yesterday morning and I was so pleased to get the first choice I was in tears, hugging and kissing my daughter. I'm sure she'd thought I'd finally lost it, but the relief and happiness I felt was just overwhelming.

Bringing up children surely is a stressful business!

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  1. Congratulations for getting your first choice! :)