Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Over half way now ...

So we are now safely past the halfway point in this A-Z Challenge. I'm pretty pleased that so far I've only had two late entries.
I've had some positive feedback from people, I'm gained some new followers and I've enjoyed exploring new blogs too. There is certainly a wide range of people and interests just waiting to be shared.
I've also taken a few notes on how to improve my own blogs appearance and my blogging activity in general. Once this challenge is complete I plan to make a few changes, adding links and features such as regular stories and possibly even some poetry. This was something I hadn't even considered until starting this whole thing.

I'd like to thank everyone for their support and advice and hope that in the future you stick with me and let me know how I get on with my new ideas and adventures.

Here's to what's to come!


  1. I've had no late entries because I scheduled them all in advance.

  2. Well done on getting this far. I never even realized we were past halfway. :-)

  3. I had planned to have it all scheduled in advance, life had ohter plans. Oh well, finish line is in sight.

    new follower,
    Moody Writing

  4. Yeah, comngrats on getting this far! Not always easy, I know.

  5. The A to Z Challenge is so good in so many ways. I make a few new friends every year, and that makes the extra work totally worth it.


  6. Hello, new friend! So glad to know you are still at it, don't give up... you write an interesting post... You can do it, I know you can (I'll be your cheerleader :)) Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy